13 Free & Paid File Sharing Sites to Watch in 2020 like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive

Storage Almost Full!

‘To Ensure normal use, please delete files to free up internal storage space.’

I am sure you receive a ‘storage full’ warning once in a while unless your device is equipped with a cloud file-sharing system.

Receiving these storage warnings can be frustrating, especially when you’ve important files that you cannot risk losing.

That’s where File Sharing Sites come into the picture. With these storage systems, you can transfer large-sized files conveniently, simplify server upkeep, and easily collaborate on-the-go.

Cloud File sharing, apart from individual users, has also become a key function in Enterprise use, which explains why..

Choosing an appropriate File sharing Platform is all about understanding the storage, sharing, and synchronization needs of your enterprise.

You’d need a thorough understanding of all the key features, pros, and cons of each file-sharing software to make a final selection.

In this article, we’ve done the same. Consider this article a directory of top shortlisted file sharing sites. Go through the pros, cons, and pricing, of each tool and select your ideal platform, keeping in mind the following features

DropBox offers a lot more than secure file storage. Dropbox, as a file-sharing website, has established its identity as a state-of-the-art workspace where teams, content, and tools come together to collaborate.

Dropbox allows creation, storage, and sharing of cloud content from Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, MS Office files, alongside traditional files.

Google Drive’s Enterprise Plan offers a simple and secure way for businesses and teams to work together and collaborate over a project in the cloud.

Drive was unarguably the first companies that brought together document collaboration and cloud. It’s Google Docs Suite made it a huge success.

This file-sharing program boosts collaboration with features that allow users to request approval, track revisions, and assign tasks.

Google Drive is 50% faster when it comes to finding files. Search features use AI to understand the need and surface only relevant content. 

iCloud drive has been called as apple’s version of Dropbox. iCloud Drive is primarily cloud-based, which makes sharing of data overdrive very easy. It also allows users to sync different type of content between devices.

Apple has been steady at releasing improved versions of the iCloud suite. The new iOS devices and Mac computers are now equipped with iCloud drive of latest versions, which come ins-built so that the files in either of Apple devices can be synced automatically. Upload Files

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