A Kiddush Fountain Brings Elegance And Beauty To Your Shabbat And Holiday Table

A Kiddush Fountain Brings Elegance And Beauty To Your Shabbat And Holiday Table.
For thousands of years, Jewish people around the world have gathered together to celebrate life’s joyous occasions with the recitation of a special prayer and ceremonial drinking of wine. It is a ritual that transcends any level of observance, and one that is made all the more meaningful by the careful choice of fine utensils and ornamentation.

Whether you are looking for the perfect addition to your family’s own Kiddush cup collection or for a high-end gift that will be appreciated by the host of an important dinner, our range of stunning, modern and functional kiddush cups and fountains will leave you with something that will be treasured for generations to come.

Our latest creation is the result of many years and countless revisions, designed for a flawless pour from the large cup down the expertly designed canals to the eight small cups that await beneath. Featuring sleek, contemporary shapes and elegant brushed metal finish, this anodized aluminum kiddush set will enhance your table while making the recitation of the prayer a delightful and memorable experience for your family and friends.

Designed by Judaica artist Yair Emanuel in his studio in Jerusalem, this beautiful fountain includes a large cup from which the kiddush can be made, as well as a number of smaller cups that are placed underneath the founatin. The wine or grape juice is poured into the large cup, and then it flows down and into each of the smaller cups. The fountain is easy to use and helps maintain high levels of hygiene. kiddush fountain

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