Advantages of Pre Insulated Ductwork

Adding pre-insulated ductwork to your HVAC system is an easy way to improve your building’s energy efficiency. It will save on installation time and money while reducing waste material. This type of ducting consists of an inner core that carries airflow and an outer layer of insulation, usually made of glass wool, polyisocyanurate (PIR), or other materials.

The advantage of pre insulated ducts is that the insulation is integrated directly into the ducting, eliminating the need for a separate exterior insulation and saving installation time and space. This also makes them much easier to clean. Another benefit is that they are lighter in weight than traditional sheet metal ducts, making them easier to transport and install.

Pre insulated ducts can be easily cut to size on-site for a more customised fit. This can be useful for projects with unforeseen design changes or where there is limited space to wrap the ducts. Additionally, these ducts have a fire resistance rating and can help meet acoustic and fire requirements for the project.

Phenolic ducts can be quickly installed, and they offer a low level of air leakage. This means that you may need fewer fans to meet the required flow rates, and this can yield significant electrical consumption savings. In addition, these ducts can be painted to achieve the desired aesthetic. This is especially important for projects where the ductwork will be visible in spaces such as ceilings or walls. This is also a great option for projects where space is limited as these ducts can be mounted flush to the ceiling. pre insulated ductwork

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