Benefits of Basement Remodeling

A basement remodel can transform your cold, dark space into livable square footage. Whether you need more living space for a growing family, bringing in a live-in caretaker, or starting a home business – we can help!

We often design spaces around a single inspiration piece. Whether it be a patterned tile, an heirloom furniture item or a favorite accent fabric.


A finished basement adds value to your home, a feature that will be attractive to potential buyers in the future. Our company can help you get the results that you need from your remodeling project, providing a personalized experience at an affordable price.

The first step in constructing an attractive finished basement involves framing. This process provides the foundation for your walls and room divisions, and it also lays the groundwork for electrical wiring and plumbing systems. Once the framework is in place, the drywall can be put up, creating a clean and crisp finish to your new rooms.

Throughout this basement remodel, we incorporated a number of aesthetic elements that were influenced by the homeowner’s personal style. For example, the stair landing featured a reproduction of Piet Mondrian’s Composition C (No. III) with Red, Yellow and Blue which influenced the color palette of the entire space. Decorative accents like this can give your custom basement a unique, one-of-a-kind look.


When you are having your basement remodeled, there are a variety of options for storage that your remodeler can help you with. They can add built-in cabinets and shelving to keep your space clean and organized. They can also add large closets that are perfect for storing holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and other clutter.

Another popular option for a basement is to create a home theater or entertainment area. This is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Your remodeler can add a television, movie projector, and comfortable seating to turn your basement into a relaxing place to spend your free time.

Having your basement remodeled can increase the resale value of your home and give you an extra living space that you can use for any purpose. Your Fort Collins basement remodeling professionals can help you find the best options to make your space into exactly what you need. They can even add an extra bathroom to your home if needed.


Basement Remodeling Fort Collins is an important home improvement project that requires a great deal of care. You want to make sure that the job is completed properly so that your new space is comfortable and functional.

For instance, adding a bedroom, bathroom or home office to your basement can increase the value of your home and give you more living space. It can also provide you with a place to relax or entertain guests.

You can use your finished basement as an entertainment room with a bar, fireplace, and games like pool, darts, foosball, or ping-pong. This is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. It can also be a place for kids to relax and play. Our professionals can help you turn your basement into an ideal entertainment room. They can create custom cabinets and shelves to maximize the amount of storage space in your space. They can also add carpeting, which will make your basement feel warmer and more inviting.


Many homeowners in the Fort Collins area use their basements as storage spaces, and this space is typically dreary and poorly lit. With a basement remodel, you can turn this unused room into a workspace that is comfortable to work in and offers plenty of storage space for your home’s belongings.

You can also use your refinished basement to add a laundry room, an entertainment room, a bathroom, or a home office. This will increase your home’s value and livability, and it will be a space that you and your family enjoy using.

One of the best ways to express your unique style in a finished basement is to design the entire layout around a single item of inspiration. This can be a piece of art, an accent fabric, or even a favorite tile pattern. This allows us to create a truly custom and one of a kind design for your home. This was the case for this remodeled basement in Old Town Fort Collins, where the design was centered around a reproduction of Piet Mondrian’s Composition C (No. III) with Red, Yellow and Blue.

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