Black and Gold Bedside Lamps

Black and gold lamps add a touch of sophistication to any room. Browse our collection of antique and vintage black and gold table lamps as well as contemporary editions from the Mid-Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Modern periods to find the perfect lighting fixture for your home.

Choose a Lamp with Just the Right Level of Light

A bedside lamp should provide enough light to read or work without straining your eyes, but it should also cast a soft glow that’s ideal for relaxation purposes. A glare-free, adjustable shade helps to achieve that balance. And if you have a partner who’s easily distracted by light, a bedside lamp that can dim to help quiet them is an investment in their comfort and sleep quality.

Minimalist Design for an Elegant Look – With a pared-down, modern design that’s more desk-lamp than bedroom lamp, the Mi LED Desk Lamp strikes the ideal balance between form and function. Its red flat cord and near-seamless finish give it a sleek look that’s both minimalist and elegant.

Integrated LEDs and a Simple Design – The Mi LED Desk Lamp’s streamlined design makes it easy to customize the light and color temperature for your work or reading needs, while its integrated bulbs are rated for 25,000 hours (that’s around eight years of use) if they’re turned on continuously for an hour a day. If you prefer voice control for your lighting, the Mi lamp is compatible with the Google Assistant.

Flaws but not dealbreakers – The Mi LED Desk Lamp is a minimalist design that presents more of a desk-lamp feel than that of a traditional bedroom lamp, so it might look out of place in a large or spacious room. But it has a refined and modern finish that’s easy to match with any decor, and its spare dimensions should blend into most bedrooms.

Best for: If you’re looking for a minimalist desk lamp that offers the functionality of a long-arm task light, the Mi LED Desk Lamp is one of the best options we’ve seen. Unlike most long-arm lights, which often look clunky, the Mi lamp has a near-seamless finish and a red flat cord that ribbons outward. It’s easy to pair with an iHome app that controls preset modes and integrates with your phone for voice-activated operation.

The Eden Bedside Lamp – A tasteful gray fabric shade and three-way rotary socket switch make this bedside lamp just right for reading in bed. It’s also a good choice for smaller spaces, since the base is just high enough to illuminate the top of a nightstand.

If you’re looking for a more functional bedside lamp, we recommend the Edge Light Clock. It doubles as an alarm clock, but the soft light can help you fall asleep and get a better night’s rest. The device can also be set to play a sound, which can help you relax or drift off.

The Winkworth Black Table Lamp – This ceramic-based light features a chattering effect that’s achieved with a handheld chisel and potter’s wheel. Its glazed surface creates a unique texture, and the gold lining in the black shantung shade adds a hint of elegance to this orient-inspired piece. It’s a versatile lamp that can also be placed in any living room or office for its soft, ambient light. black and gold bedside lamps

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