Blossoms by the Park

Spring is the time of year when many cities, towns and parks around the world put on spectacular displays of blooming flowers. Whether it’s tulip trees in Dallas or cherry blossoms by the park in Tokyo, nature lovers and floral enthusiasts alike enjoy walking through these stunning blooms that mark the beginning of springtime.

In New York City, the renowned Okame trees in Queens’ Rainey Park, along with the more colorful Kwanzan cherries in Hunter’s Point South, offer an incredible view of Midtown Manhattan’s skyline. These trees were brought to the United States from Japan in 1912, and are among the earliest to bloom in the city.

The Okame trees, which come in shades of pink and white, bloom between late March and early April. These dazzling flower displays are the main draw of this local park, which also hosts an annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

A fenced-in playground at the Cherry Blossom Welcome Center invites kids of all ages to play outdoors, while a children’s garden features stone seating and artwork created by local schoolchildren. The park also features a range of paved trails, as well as a small picnic area with tables and chairs where visitors can take in the beautiful scenery.

Texas Blossoms is dedicated to beautifying local parks by planting flowering trees and shrubs that bring life and beauty to the areas where they are planted. As a result, these parks are more inviting and memorable for all who visit.

Boston’s Charles River Esplanade in Back Bay, Massachusetts, is one of the most popular places to see cherry blossoms. The river is surrounded by a wide variety of tree species that blossom in the spring, including azaleas, rhododendrons and more.

Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is home to a number of cherry blossom-covered sidewalks that make the campus feel like a spring wedding. Some sidewalks are studded with delicate blossoms that look even more stunning against the bright green foliage of other trees.

Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, is also known for its lovely cherry blossom displays. In 1972, the university received 200 cherry trees from its sister campus in Japan, Chubu University, and the blossoms decorate the Hocking River in March and April every year.

The Japanese gift has grown into a major attraction for students and faculty alike, as the trees line the campus for an annual celebration of the Japanese-American community’s mutual love of nature. Typically, the trees are in full bloom from March 18 to April 16.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is another great place to catch the city’s renowned cherry blossoms. The trees are scattered throughout the historic gardens’ bridges, pagodas and iconic teahouses.

There are many more parks and groves around the country where you can find blooms. Some groves, such as those that line the roads near Traverse City, Michigan, are even more breathtaking than their counterparts in Japan.

In addition to its spectacular display of tulip trees, the Dallas Arboretum is known for its impressive cherry blossoms. The blossoms adorn the surrounding grounds, as well as the Dallas Zoo, for an annual event called “Dallas Blooms.” It runs from February 25 to April 16, 2023, and features a range of fun activities.

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