Boat Tours Flathead Lake

Whether you want to enjoy the water, step back in time or taste local produce, there is something for everyone on a boat tour flathead lake. The largest fresh water lake in the West, Flathead Lake is a beautiful destination to explore with miles of shoreline and spectacular views.

The lake’s crystal clear waters attract swimmers and paddlers. The pristine waters are also home to abundant wildlife including eagles, osprey, bears and deer. In addition to swimming, a number of public access sites offer fishing and camping opportunities. There are even kayak rentals available to take out on the lake for a day or week.

Kayaking on Flathead Lake is an amazing experience that allows you to feel immersed in the beauty of nature and see the sights from a different perspective. You can choose to travel along the flatwater or traverse the rocky areas on the Flathead Lake Marine Trail. The trail is ideal for all skill levels and offers a bit of challenge for experienced kayakers, as well as serene routes that can be enjoyed by beginners. You can find kayak rental shops in most of the lake towns and most marinas.

For a truly memorable experience, you can take a tour that takes you to Wild Horse Island. This primitive state park is home to bighorn sheep, full curl rams, trophy mule deer and a number of wild horses. Tours are offered from the KwaTagNut Resort on Flathead Lake and include a one hour sightseeing cruise that is perfect for families. Leashed pets are welcome aboard the tours.

A number of companies provide charter boats and sightseeing tours on the lake. These companies are licensed and insured for safety and have a wide variety of boats to suit your group size and budget. A guide will help you plan your trip and suggest the best route to get the most out of your time on the lake. The guides can also recommend local restaurants and activities that will complement your sightseeing experience on the lake.

The shoreline of Flathead Lake is home to a variety of campsites. Some of the most popular campgrounds include the Polson Bay Campground, Somers Bay Campground and Sportsmans Bridge Campground. These campgrounds are popular because they offer a number of amenities and are close to the boating area on Flathead Lake. Other popular camping spots include Finley Point Campground on the east side of the lake and Salish Point in Polson.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and unique way to view the ethereal beauty of Flathead Lake, a dinner cruise is the perfect choice. These sunset and twilight cruises offer you a chance to soak in the scenery of Montana’s most alluring lake. The ambiance is romantic and the sights are breathtaking as you set sail on one of Flathead Lake’s most impressive vessels. The beautiful scenery will be a memory that you can cherish forever. boat tours flathead lake

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