Building Your Dream House? Choose Bamboo As Your Flooring

Are you one of those successful women and bachelors or married couples who are planning on building your dream house? In my personal experience, to be hands-on in building your dream haven is like preparing for a grand wedding celebration. You want everything to be perfect and beautiful as planned– from the construction materials, furniture, and even to the floorings you want to have.

I am not a hardcore environmental advocate, but I like the idea of adding a natural feel to my dream house. Aside from the garden, flowers, and plants, I also used eco-friendly construction and flooring materials. I specifically used bamboo as my flooring and I’m very glad to have chosen this. This is awesome, perfect, and cost-effective. If you’ve also considered this for your home, keep reading this article to learn its advantages as a flooring surface option.

Advantages of Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is a great floor option. It is a gorgeous and comparable alternative to expensive hardwoods. It comes with different styles, textures, and colors. Hence, if you wanted a cost-effective surface for your dream house while keeping its beauty and elegance, choose bamboo.

Durable and Hard

According to the floor expert I’ve consulted, bamboos are comparable to hardwoods in terms of their durability and hardness. In fact, fully matured ones are harder than red oak and maple. They can even last for more the 25 years, especially if treated with much care and maintenance. Compared to hardwoods, bamboos have the highest level of resistance to moisture and denting. Thereby, causing your floor to have fewer stains, less cupping, and warping.

100% Environment- Friend

My friends are so obsessed with using bamboo as their floorings. According to them, it makes their home safer and more natural. These surfaces have very low emissions of formaldehyde and other chemicals usually used in house and office surfaces. It is a fast-growing renewable resource. It grows in a span of three to five years than other hardwoods which are harvested within 15 to 100 long years.

Easy Installation

The bamboo surface┬áinstallation process is very easy. The installation personnel I’ve contacted didn’t have a hard time installing them. Plus, there are already available finished and ready to install bamboo floors on the market. Unlike hardwood surfaces, you need not conduct finishing, sanding, staining, and drying time for this type of flooring. I personally went to a flooring gallery near in Perth. The personnel was very accommodating in helping me to decide the best type of bamboo surface suitable for my dream house. I indeed found the perfect one. It is simple, yet, filled with class and elegance. women’s bamboo leggings

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