Button Head Screw Caps

Screws come in all shapes and sizes, with a huge variety of heads and drives. Choosing the right type of fastener hardware depends on factors like strength requirements and aesthetics. Screws that have a domed head with a wider load bearing surface are called socket head cap screws or allen drive socket screws and are ideal for applications where the fastener is likely to be exposed to light loads and vibrations.

Hex socket caps are often used in a wide range of applications such as machinery, electronics and fixings. Hex heads allow for a better grip and increased torque over other screw drive types. Hex heads also resist cam-out more than other drive types.

Socket screw drives can be made from different materials and finished with a variety of coatings, platings and finishes. Some of the most common are black oxide, galvanized and stainless steel.

Depending on the application, there are a number of different styles of heads for socket head cap screws. Some are more aesthetic than others, providing a sleek look that makes the screw stand out. Others provide a more functional design, such as a truss head or trim head that provides a narrower head for countersinking in soft materials.

UC Components offers a full selection of metric and inch size button head socket cap screws in a wide range of lengths. These are manufactured from grade 18-8 / A2 Stainless Steel and can be finished in black oxide, oil, mechanical zinc or zinc-bake cr+3. We can even supply custom lengths upon request. Button Head Screw

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