Choosing a new billi tap is an important decision, not only for the convenience of instant boiling and chilled filtered water but also because it will affect how much energy your system uses.

With a range of options to suit your needs, it’s vital that you understand what will influence the cost of a billi tap and how to compare models. The key factors are where you’re planning to install your tap, how many people will use it and what features you want included.

A popular option is to have a billi tap installed in an existing sink. This is a cost-effective solution, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen space without having to buy a new basin or taps.

The best model for this application is the Quadra, which dispenses boiling, chilled and filtered sparkling water all from one under counter unit. It can be configured with either a Gooseneck mixer or Paddle mixer tap, to suit your style and kitchen design.

Billi taps use the latest patented technology to maximise energy efficiency and safety. They feature an inbuilt seven day time switch to ensure your tap runs only when you need it, and a smart stand by mode to cut down on unnecessary energy usage.

Billi’s chilled sparkling systems also feature a unique cooling process, which moves heat away from the appliance, avoiding any build up that could potentially damage or cause fire hazards. In addition, they do not require cupboard ventilation or a cooling fan and are less than half the size of comparative products.

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