Conservatory Roof Replacement Options

Whether you’ve recently bought a home with an old conservatory that needs a facelift or your existing conservatory is simply no longer meeting your family’s lifestyle requirements, a new roof can completely transform the space. However, a replacement roof doesn’t have to be ‘like-for-like’. Fortunately, advances in roofing materials and technology means that there is now a vast range of options to choose from when you’re considering a conservatory roof replacement.

Choosing a glass roof

A popular choice is to retain the traditional look of your conservatory with a replacement glass roof. Advances in glass technology have now made this option more energy-efficient than ever before, keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Furthermore, there are now glass roofs available with self-cleaning coatings, which help to reduce glare and streaks.

Tiled roof

For a truly modern, stylish finish, a tiled conservatory roof is the perfect choice. The roof tiles can be matched to the colour of the rest of your house, which ensures that the conservatory and the house blend seamlessly together. Furthermore, a plastered ceiling is more easily decorated than a polycarbonate sheet roof, which opens up a whole host of interior design opportunities.

Depending on the material you opt for, a tiled roof can also provide improved sound insulation. This is particularly useful if you intend to use your conservatory as an office or playroom.

The best conservatory roof replacements will be a hybrid solution that can offer the benefits of both glass and solid. This type of roof is known as a Livinroof and can be constructed from a variety of materials, including aluminium panels. This means that it can deliver the thermal efficiency of a solid roof, while still providing light and allowing you to enjoy the garden view from your conservatory all year round.

A new Hybrid conservatory roof can be designed to incorporate shaped glazing that allows you to position the natural light exactly where it’s needed. Combined with a solid roof structure, this can allow you to create a beautiful vaulted ceiling that is the envy of all who visit your home. A Hybrid conservatory roof can also be used to install Velux-style windows, which are ideal if you want to flood the space with natural light and bring the outside in. You can even combine this with a lighting system that will make the inside of your conservatory glow at night. This really is the perfect way to transform an existing space that is no longer being used as intended. conservatory roof replacement

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