Diamond Painting Accessories

Whether you’re already an avid diamond painter or just starting out, there are plenty of accessories available to improve your crafting experience. From storage containers and cases to trays and drills, these tools will keep you organized and help you work more efficiently. Plus, they make great gifts for anyone who loves this relaxing hobby.

Usually, diamond art kits come with all the necessary tools to get started. These include an applicator, or diamond pen, tweezers and plastic plates to place your completed canvas on. Most kits also contain a light pad for minimizing eye strain while working on your masterpiece. You can even find ones that have different levels of brightness to accommodate your personal preference.

In addition to the standard drill pen that comes with every kit, a variety of other diamond painting pens are available. These tools have a different design to allow you to pick up more diamonds and move them faster. Some have a wheel that picks up the rhinestones and transfers them onto your canvas, while others use a single tip that you apply wax to to transfer each piece one at a time. Some even have interchangeable tips so you can swap out the old one for a new one as it wears down.

If you’re really serious about your diamond painting, then it’s worth investing in a specialized tray. These trays are specially designed with uniform ridges that your diamond applicator tool can grab on to. This prevents the tiny rhinestones from being scattered everywhere and ensures that each piece is picked up right side up. They can even help you create a row of perfectly straight swatches on your canvas with ease!

Another useful accessory is a reusable wax pad. Most people will find that the standard pink wax pad included with every kit can wear down quickly, especially depending on the climate and temperature. This is why many experts recommend a small ball of Blu Tack as an alternate. This is a simple, inexpensive accessory that will save you from the frustration of having to stop working when your wax pad stops working.

Other useful accessories include a pair of tweezers and a scraper tool to straighten out the tiny rhinestones. These tools will save you time and hassle as you’ll be able to place the diamonds more easily on your canvas and eliminate any unwanted gaps or mistakes. They’re especially useful for abrasive, high-quality canvases or if you’re trying to speed up your work.

Lastly, a good supply of glue will ensure that you don’t run out midway through your project. It’s a must-have for any diamond painter, regardless of the type of canvas you choose. You can also find special storage kits that include everything you need to keep your unused supplies safe and neat. They feature a handy pouch for your pen, a light board and additional glue as well as separate containers for your extra diamonds and unused wax pads. diamond painting zubehör

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