Diamond Paste – Versatile Diamond Compound For a Wide Range of Applications

Diamond paste is a type of polishing compound that is used to create a high-quality finish on workpieces. It consists of a combination of diamond powder, which is carefully sorted by grade and concentration, and a chemical carrier. Its unique formulation enables it to perform with exceptional versatility across a wide range of applications, including precision engineering and electronic components. The composition of the diamond particles and the chemical carrier make it possible to customize the diamond paste for different requirements, ranging from roughing to fine polishing.

Typically, diamond paste is available in two different types: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline diamond grits are flatter in shape and have shorter cutting edges, while those of polycrystalline diamond paste are multifaceted and have more cutting edges. As a result, they are better suited to materials that are difficult to polish. For example, a polycrystalline diamond paste is more effective for etching aluminum surfaces than a monocrystalline diamond paste is.

Kemet’s X-L2(S) diamond paste is an excellent choice for polishing DLC coatings, as it combines swift material removal with an outstanding surface finish. This patented diamond compound is also able to withstand high pressure and temperature, resulting in a superior level of polishing performance.

Another great option for polishing DLC coatings is Kemet’s CP diamond paste, which features enhanced compatibility with the toughest of substrates. The patented formula ensures that the polished surface is free of imperfections and blemishes, resulting in an impeccable finish. The diamond paste also offers enhanced adhesion to laps, which reduces downtime and saves valuable time.

This specialized diamond compound is an excellent choice for precision engineering and electronic applications, as it is compatible with water-based systems. It is designed to provide efficient material removal and fine-tuned surface finish, making it an ideal choice for polishing materials such as hard-to-finish materials or special-shaped workpieces. Its water-soluble nature minimizes the risk of residue buildup and ensures easy cleanup.

When it comes to lapidary polishing, diamond paste can help achieve a high-quality finish that is normally only achievable by a professional lapidarist. The paste’s fine diamond grit makes it easier to reach tight corners and crevices. This can be particularly beneficial for jewelry lapidary, where precise and even finishes are critical.

In addition to its use in lapidary, diamond paste can be used on leather strops to maintain or roughen them up. The process is straightforward: just add a small amount of the diamond compound to the strop and rub it gently with circular motions. It is recommended to use a strop with a coarse and fine grit in order to maintain or roughen the leather evenly. The strop should be cleaned and dried afterward to prevent any residue buildup.

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