DIRECTV HD Programming Guide – HDTV Channels and Prices

DIRECTV HD Programming

HD (high definition) broadcasting represents the latest technological advance in satellite TV. Here’s a guide to DIRECTV HD programming, prices, and special offers.


HD TV is a television format that broadcasts programs in a high resolution format. This format produces a much sharper and clearer picture than standard (analog) TV format.


Here’s what you get with DIRECTV HDTV:

* Better picture – With DIRECTV HDTV you get a much sharper image than with regular TV, resulting in a more lifelike picture.

* Wide screen – You get a full-width picture (16:9 aspect ratio) just like you see in the movies, giving you the impression that you’re part of the scene.

* Better sound – DIRECTV HD audio programming is broadcast in Dolby Digital format for a three-dimensional surround-sound experience.

DIRECTV HD Equipment

When you subscribe to DIRECTV you can get a free DIRECTV H20 High Def receiver (after a $99 mail-in rebate). You also get up to three free receivers for the other rooms in your home, plus a free satellite TV dish.

Note: You need an HD television to view DIRECTV HDTV.


When you subscribe to DIRECTV you get HBO HD, and Showtime HD as part of your programming package.

For an additional $9.99 per month you can order the DISH Network HD package which includes:

* ESPN HD – sports, news, information, and entertainment, plus games from Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, and the National Hockey League.

* Universal HD – the latest films and television series like Battlestar Galactica and Law & Order SVU. You also get sports such as the US Open and special performances like Cirque du Soleil.

* Discovery HD Theater – programs about science, technology, nature, travel, and world culture with beautiful images shown in HD format.

* HDNet – live sporting events like NHL and MLS games, boxing, TV series, concerts, plus news and documentaries.

* HDNet Movies – movies from all the major studios, independent films, and made-for-TV movies.

* Network Channels – your favorite network channels in high definition. (Click on the links below to see if network channels are available in your area.)

Note: DIRECTV is currently running a special offer which gives you the HD package free for the first four months of your service.

Bottom Line

If you’ve decided you want DIRECTV programming, you want the best satellite TV picture and sound available, and don’t mind paying the extra $9.99 per month, then DIRECTV HDTV is what you’re looking for. 중계사이트

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