A lawyer specializing in family law is well versed in procedures of the courts that deal with divorce and related issues. They often have in-depth knowledge of narrow areas of family law, such as child support claims or paternity tests. The LawReviews index makes it easy to find lawyers in Nahariya who specialize in family law. We offer a variety of search filters to help you locate lawyers according to your preferences, such as regions in Israel, the language of service providers or whether they are experienced in family law cases.

Shot over two years, this doc centers on the tight-knit Tzuk family in northern Israeli Nahariya. Galit fully supports husband Amit’s decision to become a woman and, at first, seems unaffected by the transition. But her frustration soon escalates and the pair wind up in a rabbinical court. According to Jewish law, a man can grant a Get (Jewish bill of divorce) only after receiving the woman’s consent.

A few miles north of Haifa, Nahariya is the capital of the Western Galilee region and one of Israel’s most relaxed seaside cities. Its streets ring with the clip-clop of horses pulling Amish-style buggies filled with vacationers. Palm trees seem to sprout everywhere in this fertile coastal city of 52,000, where sandy beaches and luscious gardens draw visitors. In the 1930s, Zionist leader Selig Soskin envisioned Nahariya as an agricultural utopia on land bought from private owners. Founded on a smallholding model, the village’s pioneers brought in expert advisers in construction, poultry breeding and fruit-tree planting. Agriculture failed, however, and Nahariya evolved into a health and seaside resort town. עורך דין גירושין בנהריה

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