Electrical Panel Clearwater – Why It’s Important to Have a Well-Functioning Breaker Panel

Electrical Panel Clearwater

The breaker panel is where electricity from the power company comes into your home, and then it’s divided up to supply the various outlets, lights and appliances in your house. The panel also contains circuit breakers, which are safety mechanisms that automatically “trip” and stop the flow of electricity to prevent damage to your wiring.

If your breaker box has fuses instead of circuit breakers, it is an older and potentially dangerous piece of equipment that needs to be replaced. Fuses can blow under high loads and are more prone to fire hazards than circuit breakers.

A solar energy system can save you a lot of money on your electric bill and add tax exempt value to your property in Clearwater. Currently, the 30% federal investment tax credit is available for residential and commercial solar installations through 2034.

Florida homes use a lot of electricity, from air conditioners to pool and spa equipment. It’s up to the breaker panel to distribute all that power throughout your home, and that’s why it’s important to have a well-functioning breaker box. We inspect and install breaker panels for Tampa residents on a regular basis.  Electrical Panel Clearwater

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