Enjoy a Magical Island Escape With a Bali Holiday Package

Bali is Indonesia’s most famous island, a dreamy destination of beaches, temples, delicious food and lush greenery. A visit to this mystical and enchanting place is like an escape from reality to another world, and a Bali holiday package is the perfect way to experience it all in complete comfort and luxury.

This island is home to over 1700 temples and shrines, and its culture is rooted in Hinduism. This is reflected in the little offerings made by locals on their front doors, at shops and restaurants, and everywhere else they go. A tour of the island is like a walk through time as its temples, palaces and villas have been beautifully restored to their original glory.

A tour of Bali is also a journey into nature, and one cannot miss the chance to admire its pristine beaches and coral reefs. The sea is home to beautiful marine life, and the islands have some of the most secluded beaches where you can lounge on your own and listen to the calming sound of waves lashing against the shore.

The best time to visit Bali is between April and September when the weather is pleasant. This is when you can explore the Jatiluwih Rice Fields comprising of terraced rice fields, Taman Tirta Gangga, a water palace featuring an eleven-tiered Meru fountain, Mount Agung the religious peak and other tourist attractions with ease. This is when the hotel and flight rates are at their lowest.

You can also opt to enjoy a Bali beach vacation during these months, and relax on the white sand beaches that are fringed by coconut palm trees. The beaches are perfect for swimming and you can also go snorkelling or scuba diving to see the stunning marine life.

One of the most fascinating aspects about Bali is its culture and traditions. This is reflected in the dance performances and other cultural events that are held regularly. Bali is home to several art and music schools where students learn classical dance, painting and other art forms. It is also a great place to shop as there are plenty of artisan boutiques and galleries where you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs and other local art pieces.

The cuisine of Bali is a blend of Indonesian, Chinese and Indian dishes. It is also rich in spices and herbs, and has an abundance of fresh vegetables. Those who love to indulge in fine dining will be spoilt for choice as there are several gourmet restaurants and eateries on the island.

The island is a safe tourist destination, even for solo travellers. It has a low violent crime rate, but it is always good to be mindful of scams and pickpockets. It is also important to check the tides before going for a swim and to be wary of riptides on beaches. Bali holiday packages

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