Fenben For Humans – Can it Cure Cancer?

Fenben for humans, which is a common anthelmintic used to treat dogs and cats, has become the subject of anecdotal claims on social media that it cures cancer. These posts, such as those found on Facebook and TikTok, often include a detailed protocol for using the drug, which combines it with supplements like curcumin and CBD. While these claims may have some traction, there is insufficient evidence to support them.

In a recent article published in Scientific Reports, Dogra et al. investigated the anti-neoplastic effects of fenbendazole in human lung cancer cells. The authors found that fenbendazole acts as a microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death through multiple mechanisms.

The benzimidazole class of drugs is well known as anthelmintic agents, which are used to treat parasites in animals. However, fenbendazole has also shown anti-cancer effects in both animal and human studies. This is a result of its ability to bind to the tubulin protein and disrupt the structure of microtubules (MTs). This results in destabilization of the MTs and alteration of cellular processes including cell division, motility, secretion, glycogen storage, and energy management.

A number of research groups have explored the use of fenbendazole for cancer therapy. For example, in one study, researchers found that fenbendazole could reduce the growth of lung cancer cells with the KRAS mutation. In another study, fenbendazole caused a reduction in tumor volume when it was administered to a mouse model of breast cancer.

These and other studies suggest that fenbendazole may be useful as an adjunct to cancer therapies. However, it cannot be used as a stand-alone treatment. This is because fenbendazole interacts with a different location on the tubulin protein than the vinca alkaloids, which are commonly used in chemotherapy. Specifically, fenbendazole blocks the ATP-binding site of tubulin, and this inhibits the function of a number of key cellular processes in the body.

Health Feedback recently investigated the claims that fenben for humans cures cancer and found them to be unfounded. While it is possible that a combination of treatments could lead to positive outcomes, these cases are rare and should be viewed with skepticism.

In the most prominent case, a man named Joe Tippens has claimed that he used a regimen consisting of fenbendazole and other natural supplements to cure his advanced lung cancer. The claim has garnered millions of views on social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. While the Joe Tippens Protocol has some evidence to support it, it is not likely to cure cancer in most patients. As such, physicians should discuss patient-reported health information with a reputable oncologist before treating patients with any unconventional therapies. They should also consider whether a patient might benefit from the use of fenbendazole or other complementary therapies. For more on this topic, please see our previous articles.. fenben for humans

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