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A personal trainer is a paid-by-the-hour workout buddy with the expertise and professional experience to make sure you reach your physical goals. If you’re ready to invest in a personal fitness expert, you’ll find plenty of options in NYC. The best trainers take the guesswork out of your exercise routines by creating a program tailored to your specific needs and wants. This takes into account your current fitness level, health and wellness history, as well as any injuries or ailments you have.

Many personal trainers have additional certifications that help them specialize in a particular area of fitness, like yoga or nutrition. They may also have experience coaching clients with special needs, like postural correction or rehabilitation from injury. For example, if you have an injured shoulder, you might need a personal trainer who has worked with athletes recovering from shoulder surgery or those with osteoarthritis.

Having the right trainer by your side can help you get results even when life gets in the way. If you’re not getting the results you want from a gym membership or group fitness classes, consider hiring a local personal trainer to motivate you and hold you accountable for your goals. There are many reasons to hire a personal trainer in New York, including improving your posture and flexibility, strengthening weak areas of your body, or losing weight. A good personal trainer will design a customized exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and goals, and you’ll feel more confident in the gym knowing that your trainer is watching over you.

Nathaniel, owner of the company Type A Training, has over 20 years of fitness industry experience and has helped 1000’s of people with their goals. He specializes in helping women and men with achieving long-term, sustainable and healthy living. He works with his clients online as well as in-person in the New York City area.

He trains a wide variety of clientele, from celebrities to actors to CEOs. His training methods include CrossFit, callisthenics, yoga, boxing, running, and powerlifting. He also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Exercise Science.

Maik Wiedenbach is an Olympic-level swimmer and two-time world cup winner who now coaches other swimmers. He works with clients at his gym, in their homes, or over Skype, and offers a range of training packages. He’s passionate about helping his clients overcome challenges, and is a great listener.

Designer Ronny Kobo first heard about Heather Culton from two model friends who trained with her before swimsuit shoots. Her sessions combine Pilates, yoga, and ballet movements into a full-body workout that’s more focused on proper alignment than frenetic cardio. She typically works at Boaz Studios on the Upper East Side, but also offers remote sessions through Zoom.

A typical session lasts an hour, with 50 minutes of working out and 10 minutes of stretching and cool down. Rates vary from $50 to $150 an hour, depending on the trainer’s level of expertise and whether or not they’re in high demand. You can browse the listings above or the free Booksy app to find a trainer in your area. Once you find a trainer who meets your budget, book your first session with confidence—Booksy’s Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you love your workout or your money back. personal trainer near me

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