Flake Ice Machines – How They Work and What Benefits Can They Offer Your Business?

Flake ice machine is a type of commercial ice maker that produces flakes of ice rather than cubes. This unique type of ice is used in a wide variety of applications, including cooling fresh-caught fish, cooling large concrete pour projects, and even cooling food and drinks. For businesses looking to make a switch to flake ice, there are many options available for purchasing and renting this type of equipment. This article takes a closer look at what this type of machine is, how it works, and what benefits it can offer your business.

Flake Ice Machines: How They Work

The main component of a flake ice machine is an evaporator that freezes water into a column of ice. Then, the ice is broken up into smaller pieces and stored in a storage bin. Many different sizes of flake ice machines are available for purchase, with larger machines producing more ice per day. Businesses should consider how much ice they use daily to determine what size machine is right for them.

During the freezing process, mineral-laden water and air bubbles move towards the center of the ice cell. This results in cloudy ice, which is less desirable than clear ice. This is why it’s important to use a high-quality flake ice machine, as these units will produce crystal-clear ice that is free of impurities.

Restaurants and bars often utilize flake ice machines because they are easy to use for specialty drinks. Blended drinks like daiquiris require crushed ice, which can be difficult for bar staff to make using traditional cubes. Flake ice, on the other hand, can be easily sifted through a blender and mixed with drinks quickly and easily.

Flake ice is also soft and malleable, which makes it easier to store than traditional cubes. This makes it the perfect choice for a number of healthcare applications, such as freezing and transporting medical supplies, or simply storing cold compresses on patients’ bodies. Its softer texture also makes it more durable than standard ice, which can become jagged and break open over time.

In addition to these applications, flake ice is often used in retail seafood displays at supermarkets. This is because it can keep seafood at a uniform temperature and inspire confidence in customers that the products are fresh. It can also be used to keep other types of food products at a safe serving temperature, such as meat and vegetables. This is because the ice keeps the food at a consistent temperature for longer periods than other types of ice would. Finally, flake ice can be used to cool foods for long-haul transportation, such as from farm to truck or freezer. This is because it can slow down bacterial growth and maintain food quality. This is particularly important when shipping frozen or refrigerated goods, as the warm atmosphere in trucks can spoil food. Flake ice can be used to preserve food and help it remain fresh and appealing until it is ready to be sold.

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