German Lessons – How to Succeed With German Lessons

Despite being one of the world’s most influential languages, German can be a difficult language to learn for English speakers. But with the right lessons, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s a good idea to supplement audio with other learning methods, like reading German magazines and newspapers, podcast transcripts or song lyrics. Watching German TV shows and movies with subtitles on can also be helpful.

In fact, many of these types of media can help you practice your speaking skills, too. You can even turn to Rocket’s interactive lessons, which provide follow-up drills that drive home the lesson concepts and vocabulary you hear in each audio portion of a lesson.

Another aspect that can make German look challenging is its complex grammar, which includes six tenses and 16 combinations for the word “the.” However, it’s important to remember that grammatical gender and cases are all part of the same family tree as English, so you’re not alone in feeling confused.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of learning German, Busuu offers free and interactive lessons. Its placement test helps you find your level and choose the best lesson to start with, so you can progress steadily toward your goals. Plus, it’s easy to track your progress and get personal support from experienced tutors in real time. And if you decide that you want to try out immersive immersion, Preply’s team of German tutors can create a custom plan for your specific learning style, goals and schedule. German lessons

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