How to Choose an Air Purifier

An air purifier is a fan-powered appliance that blows clean, forced air into the room. The air is pushed through one or more filters, often including paper, fiberglass, activated carbon material and other materials that trap pollutants and contaminants. In addition to removing airborne particles, some air purifiers also remove gases and odors.

Air cleaners are most useful for people with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions. For allergy relief, the best choice is an air purifier with a high efficiency filter that will remove most or all allergens from the air. The filter should be sized for the room, and a high quality motor is essential to getting good air flow. It is also a good idea to place the air purifier where nothing can obstruct it, such as on a nightstand or dresser.

For people with asthma, an air purifier that can remove the small airborne pollution particles known as ozone is beneficial. Exposure to ozone can irritate the lungs and increase the need for medication, especially for children with asthma. Some air purifiers can remove ozone and other gaseous pollutants by a process called photocatalysis, where ultraviolet light is used to break down chemicals and odors.

Some air purifiers are certified for use in California to ensure that they don’t produce excess ozone. Ozone is a known lung irritant, and long term exposure can damage the lungs, nose and throat. Choosing an air purifier that is Energy Star certified can help reduce operating costs because they are 40 percent more energy efficient than standard models. air purifier

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