How to Create Custom Invitations

A well-designed invitation is the best way to communicate your party or celebration’s theme and key details. It also sets the tone for the event and demonstrates to guests how important this special moment is to you.

Custom invitations allow you to add your own unique style and personality, bringing a personal touch that store bought invites can’t match. This can make a huge difference in your guests’ response rate and the overall experience of your event.

To ensure your personalized design comes out perfectly, we recommend starting with a mood board to identify your style before searching through designers’ profiles. Weber suggests pinning everything from bold and colorful to watercolor motifs to find the look that speaks to you. From there, she suggests looking for common elements (like fonts or colors) in the pieces you pin to narrow your search.

If you’re looking to add a special finishing touch, consider adding a wax seal to your invitations. It’s a beautiful and timeless way to make your event invitations feel extra special and will help protect them during delivery.

A popular printing process is letterpress, which uses a metal plate to stamp your design into the paper. This creates a subtle impression and is lovely on handmade or duplexed paper. Keep in mind that each color printed on your invitation requires a separate plate, which can increase the cost of production. Etemply

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