How to Get More YouTube Views

Views are one of the most important metrics for a YouTube video. They give an indication of how popular a video is and whether or not it will be monetized by YouTube. YouTube also uses them to determine the ranking of a video in search results. So it is important to get as many views as possible to reach your goal of monetizing your videos and making money on youtube.

To count as a view, the play button must be clicked on and the video must be watched for 30 seconds or more. This is to prevent marketers from spamming the system and faking their views. Youtube also checks the IP address of a viewer and looks for patterns to spot spamming. It also excludes viewers that repeatedly rewatch the same video over and over again, this is called bot viewing. Youtube has a process of despamming and they will stop adding any views that are not genuine.

Why Do Some Videos Seem Stuck At 301 Views?
If your video gets a lot of views very quickly, the view count may appear to be frozen at 301. This is because YouTube pauses any videos that get more than 300 views so that their employees can manually verify the legitimacy of those views and make sure they are real. YouTube does this to avoid having fake videos on their homepage and in trending searches.

To increase your chances of getting more views, you should try to post videos on a regular schedule. This way, you will have a better chance of being recommended to other users by YouTube’s algorithm. In addition, you should try to upload videos at the best time of day, which is usually weekday evenings. youtube views

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