How to Make Tomatensosse Pasta Sauce

Tomatensosse is a sauce made from tomatoes. It is often used as a base for savory dishes and can be eaten with pasta.

This sauce is traditionally a staple of Italian cuisine and is characterized by its bright color, thick texture and distinctive taste. It can be made with fresh tomatoes, dried tomatoes or roasted tomatoes, and is usually served over pasta or rice.

Our recipe is easy to make and will quickly become a favourite of your family and friends. It combines the flavours of Italy with the wholesomeness of Mediterranean ingredients for a healthy meal.

To start with you will need: 1. 1.2 kg/2.8 pounds of tomato paste 2. 0.55 l/1.7 quarts water 3. 8.25 oz/225 g of olive oil 4. 15 oz/625 ml of balsamic vinegar (white or red) 5. 1 oz/8 tsp. salt 7.5 oz/200 ml of sugar 6. 1.5 oz/38 ml of apricot molasses

Once the pasta is cooked, add the sauce and toss until it is fully coated. Let it simmer for about 10 minutes to heat through.

Then, add the prawns and cook until they are tender. You can also add chicken or beef.

You can easily add other ingredients to the sauce, such as peppers or onions. You can even use different kinds of herbs, such as oregano, basil and thyme.

Another common ingredient in pasta sauce is cream. If you like a more creamy sauce, try adding some coconut milk or almond milk.

A good way to ensure that your sauce is smooth and creamy is by putting it through a food processor. This will help break up the clumps of tomatoes.

Besides this, it will also give the sauce a smoother consistency and more intense flavour. You can also add garlic, basil or other herbs for extra flavour.

This sauce is perfect for the preparation of savoury dishes, such as pasta, pizza and risotto. It is also an excellent dipping sauce for breads and is an excellent ingredient to mix into soups, stews and other main courses. It also works well as a dressing for salads.

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