How to Tell If Your Washing Machine Needs Repair

When a washer is making noises it doesn’t normally make, that could be a sign that parts are getting worn down or even broken. A thumping or grinding sound is a big sign that it’s time to call in a washing machine repair technician.

If your washer won’t start, check that the lid switch is on (it’s usually a little plastic piece underneath the cover). Also, see if the hose at the back of the appliance has been crushed or kinked, and try to straighten it. Finally, you should empty the drain hose periodically. To do this, turn off your washer, unplug it, open the panel at the front and drain the hose into a bucket, or into the sink.

It’s important to clean out the detergent dispenser too, as a blockage here can affect washing performance. You can remove the drawer and soak it in a solution of hot, soapy water, then scrub it with a toothbrush to shift any hardened or sticky build-up. It’s a good idea to do this once or twice a year, as well as after each wash cycle.

Finally, if your washer isn’t spinning, there could be a balance issue. Modern machines will often slow down if they’re unbalanced, to prevent damage. You can try to balance the load by washing similar weighted clothing and towels together. It’s also possible that a foreign object has gotten stuck in the pump, sump filter or drain pipe, which you can try to clear out by unclamping and removing the bottom panel of your machine. washing machine repair

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