How to Use Good Ice Breaker Questions to Get Your Team Talking

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, attending a meeting with new people or introducing yourself at work, good ice breaker questions are an easy way to get conversations started and create connections. These fun and lighthearted icebreaker questions are perfect for getting to know someone better, such as: “What was the craziest thing you’ve done on a trip?” or “Do you prefer traveling with friends or alone?”

In addition to being fun, these types of questions can help bring everyone out of their shells by showing how diverse and interesting they truly are. And they can be a great tool for building empathy, especially if your team is completely remote.

Some of the best icebreaker questions are those that have a company-specific theme, such as “What is one skill you think you’d be good at in a different job?” or “If you could swap jobs with any colleague for a day, who would it be?”

However, these lighthearted icebreaker questions can also be helpful for bringing a team together before a difficult topic. For example, if you’re having a discussion about an upcoming project that might be uncomfortable or controversial, these types of icebreaker questions can give your team members a chance to talk about their personal experiences and feelings about the issue before discussing it in-depth. These type of icebreakers are especially useful for teams that are entirely remote, such as our own Slido Customer Success Manager Team Lead, Mirka Chromkova. She uses icebreaker questions extensively during her virtual meetings with her international team and they’ve been a huge help in building strong relationships.

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