Importance of Image Optimization for Better E-commerce Web Development

This is the age of e-commerce and online shop. We consider the web based business as e-commerce that can be merchandise shop,Guest Posting superstore, garment shop, kid’s collection or anything else.  In order to bring the business on web the first requirement is to have a website, which is the primary interface for the online customers. It makes sure the presence of your business on virtual world. The customer can find you by just goggling your brand name or keyword from their tab, smartphone, desktop or other browsing devices. An awesome website can be the turning point of your business which can earn thousands of customers for your business. So, it carries a lot of importance. Well, we must prioritize our business website. The first step of having a great business website is its proper development. I know that, you might not be a developer or you have no idea on web development. No worry, we will also talk about you. The use of image is a great part of web design. From a developer’s language it’s called media. Media can be still photo, animation or video, but today we will just talk about still image optimization which plays a crucial role in designing a professional website.


The first step of choosing the image for your website is to sort out the professional image. I think you are asking yourself that, what about the professional image. Okay, we call that image professional, which seems to be quite appealing with no visible flaw. Let’s talk about a product image. When you are taking the shot of your product in a studio, it will capture the background as well along with the product. The background may not be clean or can be; it can even show some studio equipment or dummy or any unnecessary part. Yes, just after taking the photo is just the raw material of your professional image. You have to pass those images to a professional image enhancement studio like Clipping Mask Asia or Clipping Mask Photoshop. I guess your next question: what do they do with your image? The first thing is to place the product photo on a neat and clean background. Pure white background is the most popular choice in this case. It can be done with the help of Photoshop clipping path service which is also known as deep etching service. After replacing the background it may require to add natural drop shadow effect to the image or to manipulate any missing part of the image. If the product is a chair or shoe you have to apply natural drop shadow to make the image more natural. If it’s a garment image and you want to remove the dummy from the shot, it will require image manipulation service to manipulate the missing neck or sleeve after cutting out the dummy. A DTP will understand better what more your image need to do proper website image optimization. It may even need color correction, photo retouch, mirror effect etc. photo clipping services

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