Instant boiling water taps use a small tank fitted underneath your sink that keeps a supply of water at a boil. A simple push of the button or turn of the tap delivers piping hot water.

Many models allow you to dispense cold, hot, and near-boiling water from one faucet, simplifying kitchen workstations and keeping sink areas clean for a more streamlined look.

Easy to use

Adding an instant hot water tap to your kitchen can help you to quickly and easily make a cup of tea or coffee, or even to heat up a pot of boiling water for cooking. This saves you the time and effort of heating a kettle on the stove, plus it helps declutter your worktop space and free up valuable cupboard space.

Many people think that instant hot water taps are expensive and inefficient, but the truth is that they can actually save you a lot of money. If you use a kettle, you are often heating far more water than you need at any given time. This is because a kettle takes a while to heat, and so it typically keeps re-heating as you fill and pour. Instantaneous hot water systems, on the other hand, only heat the amount of water that is being dispensed at any given moment, so they are much more energy efficient.

Adding an instantaneous hot water tap to your home can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are concerned about how much energy your home uses, check out this guide on energy efficiency, or contact St Paul Pipeworks for advice from an experienced plumber. We have installed instant hot water taps in multiple Barnes & Noble locations around the Twin Cities and can provide you with the best solutions for your home.

Saves energy

In a typical home, hot water takes quite some time to get from the hot water heater to your faucet. This is because the hot water has to travel through the cold pipes first. As a result, a lot of energy is consumed to heat water that you don’t use. An instant boiling tap is able to bypass this process and save you a lot of energy.

In fact, a single household’s heating bills could be reduced by up to PS18 a year with an instant boiling tap installed. This is because it only heats water as you need it. There is also no water wastage since you will only be dispenseing exactly the amount of water required for each use.

This type of tap has many other advantages. For example, it is safer for small children to use than a kettle. Kettles can easily tip over and spill, which could lead to a scalding accident. Instant boiling water taps are able to prevent this by being designed with an aerated flow of water and air. This allows the stream to fall off if it is pulled towards the user’s hand, which is a much less dangerous scenario than a solid jet of boiling water.

If you want to install an instant boiling water tap in your kitchen, speak with a licensed plumbing professional. They will be able to help you choose the right model for your home and ensure all necessary connections are made.

Easy to clean

Hot water taps are a great way to get near boiling water on hand for cooking, cleaning and other uses, without the wait of heating up a kettle. But even better, using a hot water tap to heat up food and drink reduces the amount of waste that happens when you pour out more than you need, which can be a major problem with traditional kettles.

A hot water tap with a built-in water filter means your kitchen will be a lot healthier, too. Filters remove harmful impurities from your water, so you and your family will be able to enjoy cleaner, healthier drinks that also taste better.

Instant hot water taps are a relatively low maintenance solution, but they do require periodic flushing of the system to keep it running smoothly. Like your kettle, they can get covered in limescale, which can affect performance and lead to increased energy consumption, so it’s a good idea to use a descaler to keep your tap in tip-top condition.

A quality instant hot water tap will last 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular water tank and faucet flushes (with white distilled vinegar) help to prevent mineral build-up that can damage the heating element over time, which helps to extend your system’s lifespan. It’s important to have a professional plumber install your instant hot water tap, so they can ensure that all connections are made properly and in compliance with local codes.

Saves money

Instant boiling water taps can save money compared to traditional kettles and are an effective way to conserve energy. The reason is that they dispense hot water only when required, reducing the energy used to heat the water to boiling temperature and then dispersing it.

The cost savings are even greater for those who use a boiling water tap for multiple purposes. Heating a kettle, boiling pasta, or brewing tea and coffee all require boiling water, which is why it’s so convenient to have these appliances in your kitchen.

It’s important to note that these appliances will still require energy to operate, however. The technology within the appliance will always consume some amount of power to ensure they are functioning correctly. This is a form of’standby’ power and is referred to as the phantom load.

However, the vast majority of instant boiling water taps are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The insulated tanks that these devices have will not lose heat over time, lowering the amount of energy needed to keep them at the required temperature. Moreover, the taps themselves are fitted with childproof lock systems and safety settings that ensure no accidental scalding or burning happens.

To further reduce energy consumption, many of the top brands like Zip and Billi come with features that automatically switch off after a specified amount of time when the appliance is not being used. This further decreases the amount of’standby’ energy consumed and further improves overall energy efficiency.

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