Knee high grip socks can improve your footing and stability in many activities, including yoga, Pilates, barre, martial arts, and more. They’re often recommended for people with certain medical conditions that cause them to have heightened sensitivity in their feet, but they’re also great for anyone who wants to feel more secure and balanced during workouts.

The primary purpose of grip socks is to eliminate the slippery feeling that happens when your feet slide around in your shoes. They achieve this by incorporating grippy pads on the bottoms, typically made from rubber or silicone, that create that locked feel. Most grip socks are also designed with cushioning and arch support in the heel, ball of the foot, and toes.

To make a grip sock, manufacturers start with a base fabric. This is usually a soft and stretchy material that’s comfortable against the skin. Air is allowed to circulate within the sock, keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout your exercise routine. Next, the non-slip sole is attached to the sock. This can be either rubber or silicone and is usually placed in the most friction-prone areas of the shoe, such as the heel and toes. Finally, cushioning and arch support is added to the sock as needed.

Testers loved this pair for its simple style, breathability, and good amount of grip. It performed well in barre classes, allowing for smooth transitions between poses such as a plie and a tendu. It even kept the foot from sweating as much during intense sessions, a major plus for preventing injury and fatigue in the feet and knees. knee high grip socks

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