Korean Cosmetics Manufacturer

Korean cosmetics are renowned around the world as an industry with rapid development. This is due to the changes in distribution channels of consumers and purchasing behavior (Puccinelli, Goodstein, Grewal, Price, Raghubir, & Stewart, 2009). According to the analysis, in the 1950s, there were few specialized stores dealing only with cosmetics of manufacturers and consumers usually purchased them at conventional wholesalers or retailers. However, in 2000, one-brand stores that provided low prices became popular and this led to the change in distribution channels of the cosmetic market.

Moreover, cosmetic OEM and ODM companies sprang up and their market share in the domestic cosmetics market rapidly rose. These companies have been able to attract foreign customers because of the high quality of their products and innovative marketing strategies. Foreign brands accounted for close to half of cosmetic imports in Korea. In particular, skincare cosmetics are in great demand. In addition, there are many ODM Korean cosmetics companies that produce for a large number of cosmetic brands. COSMAX, for example, is a top-ranked OEM and ODM Korean cosmetic company.

Cosmax is a very well-known manufacturer of ODM K-beauty products such as CC Cream and cushion foundation, etc. This company has been able to establish itself as the best private label K-beauty manufacturer by its advanced research and development, strict quality inspections and regulatory tests. They have obtained various certifications including ISO certificates for quality management, environment and health management, as well as CGMP certificate of the US FDA, EC certificate of Canada, and Australia GMP certificates. korean cosmetics manufacturer

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