Lampe de chevet design

A table lamp is a piece of furniture to brighten one place or room. It is common equipment use by people as a source of light in rooms such as the living room, bedroom, reading area, family room etc. Nowadays, these are very popular lighting fixtures that can come with different kinds and designs. You can choose from different styles of lamps depending on your preferences and taste. Select designs and styles that will mix in and emphasize your room. Here are some of the most recognized table lamps you might want to pick.

Tiffany lamp is a type of lamp that focuses in the shade that it provides. It displays incredible and elegant colors when the lamp is turned on. This is hand-operated made from a stained glass. Tiffany lamps are all uniquely designed and none of them are identical for these table lamps are all skillfully handmade that has fine unlimited shadings. The price of these lamps depends on the type of glass used, quality and level of details the shade of the tiffany has. Normally, the price would higher if the panels have more colors.

The same with Tiffany lamps, Mica lamps were first introduced in early twentieth century. It had become one of the best selling table lamp styles at that period. Mica lamp is made from mica which is a group of minerals that separates easily and turns into very thin leaves. The shade of this lamp comes with different colors like green, black, brown and yellow. It gives a mystic look that is very beautiful to people’s eyes when mica lamp is turned on. Every shade of these mica lamps is unique with a various mineral patterns and color tones.

Wrought iron lamp’s body style is consists of iron parts that was carefully made, offering beautiful and distinct looks while giving good quality of light. Wrought irons can come in infinite designs as they can be bent, formed and wielded to make a distinct look for each lamp. This kind of lamp design is best to fit with light color background setting like cream, pearl white and tan. Wrought iron lamps are less costly compared with the tiffany table lamps.

Wood lamps come with natural looks that brings light to the surrounding and at the same time, calms the minds of the observers. This is one reason why wood lamp is one of the most popular designs. This type of lamp design is best for ethnic or antique setting of interior. It can also use in modern setting but depends on what kind of materials and colors will be use in the modern look of the rooms of the house.

Always be careful when picking light bulbs for your lamps. For safety purposes, it is highly suggested to use strictly 3 way bulbs for table lamps with 3 way switches. When you use a regular light bulb with a 3 way switch, there will possibly be a higher potential of fire accidents. Lampe de chevet design

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