Lawyer Hattingen

Lawyer Hattingen is a top tier German law firm with an international presence. It provides comprehensive legal services to local, regional and global clients of all sizes in all sectors. Lawyer Hattingen advises on corporate and commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax matters, labour law, dispute resolution and restructuring projects. It also handles public sector issues and regulatory matters and advises on investment fund structuring and cross-border investments. Lawyer Hattingen’s core strength is its depth of expertise in all practice areas and its commitment to client service.

The industrial museum Henrichshutte is a popular tourist attraction and reminds visitors of the rich history of metal working in Hattingen. It was financed by the city council and the Henrichshutte Foundation.

Attorney Lars Martin, Rechtsanwalt is located at Dahlhauser Str. 10, Baak, 45529, Hattingen, Germany. You can reach them by phone at +49 (0)221 68 00 50.

Rechtsanwalt Lars Martin, a labor relations attorney, was born in 1936 and raised in Erfurt, where he completed his commercial apprenticeship and studied law at the University of M√ľnster. He is a member of the Erfurter Bar Association and has been a practicing lawyer since 1979. He specializes in litigation and arbitration as well as labor law, corporate and commercial law, and criminal law. He has successfully litigated against large corporations and the Federal Republic of Germany in a number of cases.

His work has been recognized by numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious “Legal 500”. Lawyer Martin is a frequent speaker at national and international seminars on labor law and corporate and commercial law topics. He is the co-author of the 5th edition of “Fachdienst Sozialversicherungsrecht” (Lawyer’s Manual on Social Security Law) and a regular contributor to various publications.

Lawyer Martin is a staunch anti-Nazi. Long before he confronted Hitler, he had joined a Jewish youth group and learned Hebrew out of a combination of adolescent rebellion and sympathy for the dispossessed. After the war, he was one of the founding members of the German Communist Party (KPD) and served in the parliamentary assembly from 1951 to 1955. He was a strong opponent of Stalinism, and clashed with the KPD leadership for following Moscow’s orders. Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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