Look to Chemical Manufacturers For Your Bespoke Products

If your business requires chemicals that are not easily purchased through direct means, look to UK chemical manufacturers for your more complex needs. Bespoke products such as polymers, pre-polymers, dyes and fine chemicals are a few examples of these more complex requirements. Numerous industries such as automotive, petrochemical, technical, textile, and household goods all require specialised chemical needs.


Some compounds in dyes such as phthalocyanine have low solubility which necessitates contracting out to a special manufacturer. This particular compound is used in dyes for cotton and other textiles in addition to paper products. It may also be used in the creation of media like readable compact media discs. Violanthrone is another compound used for dyes that has low to no solubility in water. It is also used for textiles such as cotton, polyester blends and even silk.

There are a number of other compounds that can be manipulated for dyes. Coumarin is found in many plants and has a light vanilla scent but it can be toxic if ingested or exposed in large amounts. UK chemical manufacturers can manufacture dyes with this compound for use in a variety of applications such as laser printers and dye lasers.

Fine Chemicals

When your projects require pure, single compound ingredients, look for a manufacturer that can handle fine chemicals. These are basically the opposite of bulk chemicals and can only be manipulated in small batches. If you require the production, isolation and drying of chemicals such as acids, alcohols, esters, aromatic compounds, aldehydes and more, subcontracting your fine chemical work makes sense.

Pre-Polymers and Polymers

Polymers and pre-polymers are more specialised and are often used in a variety of cleaners, adhesives and even latex which is often incorporated in specialty coatings, waxes and other surface treatments. Equipment such as reactors, condensers and vacuums are often used in the polymerisation process.

The products created using polymerisation are often used in different types of light bulbs, laminated panels and wood and electrical products. They are also used in floor coatings, epoxies and wax products used as water protective sealants. There are many applications for various types of pre-polymers and polymers manufactured. China Adhesive Manufacturers

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