Mushroom Chocolate Bars

mushroom chocolate bars are a match made in heaven, but the combination is not always on hand. The best way to enjoy this symbiosis is to find a local chocolatier or two.

Thankfully, there are many in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond to choose from. Some of the more seasoned connoisseurs may even try their luck at home. Most of these ventures will likely yield a mediocre chocolate at best.

One of the most enticing options is a gourmet chocolate shop that specializes in all things fungi. A visit to this establishment is worth a trip alone. The owners are affable and enthusiastic, and you can snag a sample of this high-end confectionery for less than $10.

Once the psilocybin is in your mouth, it will quickly begin to metabolize into psilocin. This is a substance that can cause your vision to get blurry and make you feel dizzy, as well as give you a hallucination. It can also cause your heart to race and your blood pressure to increase.

In addition, if you are taking psilocybin along with alcohol, you should know that it can also cause your body to become drowsy and you might experience a headache. It is advisable to drink a lot of water when you are consuming psilocybin in order to help prevent this from happening.

Some Big Apple smoke shops are hawking chocolate bars containing several grams of psilocybin to anyone looking for a psychedelic kick. These bars are advertised as having a psychoactive effect and range from $50 to $9

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