Norcold RV Refrigerators

Norcold is one of the leading makers of rv refrigerators and other appliances for the recreational vehicle market. They have a reputation for making rugged and reliable products that are built to last years. Norcold is also known for their quiet, vibration-resistant designs and competitive prices.

Norcold makes both gas/electric absorption fridges and DC/12V absorption fridges, as well as compressor-powered refrigerators. The company’s line-up of fridges includes models with LCD displays, hidden hinges, recessed handles and taller door panels.

Generally, Norcold fridges use an absorption cooling system that uses heat to convert an ammonia-based refrigerant into a gas. The gas then absorbs heat from the surrounding air and cools as it recirculates through metal coils.

When the temperature gets too hot, the refrigerant can become flammable. To prevent this, Norcold refrigerators are equipped with a temperature sensor that shuts off the unit when the temperature gets too high.

Some of these units also include an emergency stop switch that will cut off power to the appliance if it is about to catch fire. This prevents you from having to get out of your RV while it is on fire and saves you time, money and stress.

In addition, most of these fridges have an automatic shut-off feature that shuts the refrigerator off if the door is opened and the power is off. This feature can prevent a fire and save lives!

However, some of these fridges may have problems with their fuses. To avoid this, you should always check the fuses and make sure they are correctly positioned.

Norcold offers a warranty on its RV fridges. If the refrigerator is ever found to be defective, you can take it back to the dealer and get a replacement for free. This warranty applies to both new and used units.

Many Norcold RV refrigerators have a 10-year limited warranty on parts and labor. This is a great option for people who want peace of mind in knowing that their refrigerator will not break down and can be repaired quickly when needed.

When buying a Norcold fridge, be sure to read the user manual carefully. The manual will provide you with important information on how to use your refrigerator and what to do if it ever stops working properly.

The manual will also give you detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot your Norcold refrigerator and fix the problems that might be causing it to not work. If you are unable to repair the problem yourself, you can hire a certified technician to help you.

While most Norcold RV refrigerators are dependable and durable, they do have some issues that can cause them to fail. This is especially true if the appliance is not kept clean and is not properly maintained.

Unlike other refrigerators, Norcold RV fridges do not use propane to power them, and they can be safely left on as long as you have a charged house battery. It is recommended that you keep your RV charged before you leave to minimize the risk of your fridge going out while you’re on the road.

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