One Bernam – A New Lifestyle in the Heart of Singapore

A new mixed development project at Bernam Street is more than just a place to live in. Here, you can expect an elevated lifestyle where everything is within reach. Located in the heart of the city, it offers supreme connectivity to the future cycling network and upcoming Prince Edward Road MRT Station. It is also minutes away from various shopping malls including Icon Village, 100AM and Parco bringing you endless options to indulge your retail therapy.

Bernam name meaning is Spiritual, Domestic, Gentle and Boy / Girl. People with this name are very concerned with the welfare of others, often sacrificing their own interests for the benefit of those they love. They are often very caring and supportive towards family and friends, and make a good mother and father. Their desire to help those around them is so strong that they may often take on more work than is feasible.

As run-of-the-river irrigation is the primary method for water allocation to paddy farmers, it is important to consider the effects of climate change on river flow, especially in the basin that supports agriculture. To achieve this, this study aims to assess the impact of climate change on the hydrological flows of the Upper Bernam River Basin in Malaysia using the SWAT model. Historical gridded hydro-meteorological data were used for setting up the model, and a sensitivity analysis was conducted to identify parameters with significant influence on the Bernam streamflow. The results showed that there is a potential increase in the flow of the Bernam River Basin under climate change scenarios, which could lead to an increase in water supply for paddy irrigation. one bernam

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