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As more people look to find love through online dating, the need for high-quality photos has never been greater. But it can be a challenge to get the right photos for your dating profile. After all, it’s important to have the right mix of photos that show you in action and capture your personality. And not every photographer is created equal. Some photographers specialize in online dating photography and can help you achieve the best results.

Before Hey Saturday was around, many singles used holiday snaps, wedding photos, work photos or drunken party selfies on their dating profiles. But these kinds of photos can give the wrong impression and turn off potential matches. Saskia Nelson saw this gap in the market and set up a photographic business, specialising in cool profile photos for dating apps.

The best online dating photos are not posed, but natural and look like a friend snapped them on your phone. These kind of shots resonate with people because they feel genuine. Lucy knows how to take these sorts of shots and can put you at ease in front of the camera. She uses tried and tested portrait techniques to ensure you look good in your pictures.

Having the right background can make a huge difference to your image, and can help convey a sense of place. For example, a beach scene can show you’re adventurous and outdoorsy, whereas a cityscape shows your cosmopolitan side. Having the right lighting can also transform your images, reducing shadows and highlighting your features, especially if you have dark under-eye circles.

It’s a good idea to have 4-5 photos on your dating profile, two of which should be headshots and full body shots. Your other pictures should show you in different types of settings and include a wide-angle shot. If you have any pets, include a photo with them (although keep in mind that having too many pets can be a turn off for some). And don’t use any photos that are more than 2 years old.

A top-notch online dating photographer can help you to stand out from the crowd by ensuring your images are sharp and well-lit. They can also help you choose what to wear and pose in a way that looks natural. And they can advise on how much retouching to apply to your photos. Overly-retouched photos have given the industry a bad name, so be careful not to overdo it!

You might want to add a slight airbrushing to your face to remove any red-eye or imperfections, but avoid retouching your whole face. Retouching done too harshly can give you a plastic-looking look and age you by ten years! Online dating profile photographer

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