OUI Defense
A conviction for operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OUI, also known as DUI) carries serious penalties in Massachusetts. The state’s strict OUI laws, including a mandatory license suspension for first offenders, are some of the toughest in the country. Our attorneys defend individuals against charges of OUI, and can advocate on your behalf to minimize the impact of a conviction.

When you are pulled over for suspicion of OUI, it can be easy to make mistakes that can hurt your case. Many people assume they are guilty and say things to the officer that can damage their case. It is important to remember that you have the right to remain silent.

An experienced attorney can find weaknesses in the state’s case, such as improperly conducted field sobriety tests or inaccurate breath testing results. In some cases, these errors can result in the dismissal of charges or a reduction in sentence.

We can help individuals who have been charged with first offense OUI by fighting to preserve their Constitutional rights and fighting for them in court, where we have tried more than 1000 cases to a jury. If a dismissal of the charges is not possible, we can assist in minimizing the consequences by negotiating a plea deal. We can also assist in the obtaining of hardship licenses for those who are charged with OUI, and can provide information regarding first offender diversion programs and restraining orders. OUI Defense

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