Portable Fire Fighting Pumps

A fire fighting pump is designed explicitly for firefighting applications to increase the water flow and pressure of sprinkler systems, standpipes, and hydrants. They must be compact and portable enough to easily move from a water source or truck, through the building, and to the point of use at which they will provide high pressure water. Fire pumps are generally available in various capacities and flow rates to match the needs of any specific application or facility.

In general, a fire pump will feature an electric motor and a centrifugal pump that creates pressure. The motor produces a large volume of water for each turn of the impeller, with some models using multiple stages to achieve higher pressures than others. This design allows the pump to operate quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of maintenance requirements.

Angus fire pumps are air-cooled, which helps to lower operating costs and emissions, while providing a reliable and practical tool for firefighters. They can be powered by petrol or diesel engines, with most requiring an electric starter. Some have a hand-primer or exhaust primer for back-up. JME’s selection of portable fire fighting pump includes a variety of sizes, types, and pressures to suit any industry application requirement. They are a convenient option for fire departments and can be filtered by brand, price, size, type, flow-rate, and pressure.

If you’re looking for a fire pump that’s compact and easy to transport, look no further than our range of self-contained portable fire fighting pumps. These are engineered to meet world wide regulations on noise and exhaust emissions, with the option of petrol or diesel engines.

The portable fire fighting pumps are available in a variety of capacities and outputs, with some having the ability to take water from tanks that may not be close enough for fire trucks to reach. These are also useful for draining cellars or other low areas, and can supply 125 gpm at 60 psi net pump pressure through 2 1/2-inch discharge and 3 inch suction inlets.

Unlike water pumps, fire pumps are designed for specific, stringent regulatory standards and applications. Choosing the right pump for your property requires careful evaluation and expert advice. A certified specialist can help you determine your requirements and ensure that your fire or water pump is designed and built to the required specifications. They can even provide ongoing support and maintenance for your equipment to ensure maximum reliability.

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