Productive Families in Riyadh

The family is considered a core pillar in Saudi Arabian society, as the family provides emotional and financial support (see Core Concepts). Individuals are expected to prioritize their families’ wishes over their own, and to sacrifice their own interests for the good of the community. Moreover, individuals are also required to protect their family members from harm.

The recent development of online food sales has increased the need for small businesses and productive families to promote their products and services. This trend is consistent with the Kingdom’s vision to transition from a consumer society to a sustainable one, in which the family plays a central role.

In this context, the Social Development Bank (SDB) aims to promote, support, and elevate the role of productive families. This is why SDB has participated in the first Arab Productive Families Exhibition in Cairo, Egypt, to highlight the role of these families and their contribution to developing local products.

The research findings indicate that the majority of culinary professionals in hotels, ordinary restaurants, and heritage restaurants have a diploma or bachelor’s degree and have between one and nine years of experience in the hospitality industry. Additionally, most of the FTs implement food safety guidelines and standards, such as hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and good hygiene practices (GHP). Overall, consumers of food from the FTs have moderate knowledge and positive attitudes towards food safety and FDs. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this knowledge needs to be further consolidated and integrated with other dimensions of family change in the Kingdom. اسر منتجة الرياض

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