Psilocybin grow bags are a great way to simplify mushroom cultivation for beginners. These are essentially a plastic bag filled with substrate that can be inoculated with spores and mycelium and colonized to grow mushrooms. The key to success with these is making sure the bag is sterilized correctly and is not contaminated during the colonization process.

Most of these bags are gusseted, meaning they have sides that fold in towards the inside of the bag, but then they open up wide enough to take on a large amount of substrate like grain or sawdust. This design is useful because it allows you to slip a filter in between the gussets. The filter prevents contamination from room air that would otherwise enter the bag during sterilization cool down and contaminate your mushroom spawn.

The bag is also designed to be autoclavable so it can withstand very high temperatures during sterilization. They are made from heavy-duty 3 mil polypropylene, so they can withstand punctures from sharp objects as well. They have a 0.5 micron filter that is ideal for allowing air exchange and can be used with a range of different steps in the cultivation process.

After sanitizing your workspace and tools, you should sterilize your bag before using it for the first time. Then, you should let it cool down, then slip a filter in between the gussets right before inoculating the substrate. This simple step will save you from a lot of stress and hassle in the future, as it will prevent contamination during the colonization process. Psilocybin grow bags

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