Reduce Waste With Re-sealable Plastic Bag Ties

The re-sealable bag tie is one of those small little inventions that have made a disproportionate impact on the way we live and the way things work.

Plastic bags have been around for a much longer time than most people think, but it is only recently that the problem of their non-biodegradable nature have surfaced, leading to greater awareness on the reuse of plastic bags.

Plastic bags are used in many aspects of our lives, but most significantly, in food packaging. Bags used in food packaging are commonly opened and then thrown away. And most of the time, its contents are not fully used up, but instead, only partly used, with the remaining content transferred into another container.

There is a huge wastage involved, but its contents required to be sealed in a plastic bag in the first place because food can go bad if left in the open. To reduce the use of plastic bags and save the environment, there have been many innovations, including bite sized packets, smaller bags and even thinner recycled plastic. But these methods don’t actually reduce plastic bag usage significantly, in some cases; they end up using even more bags!

Then came a breakthrough in plastic bag packaging, re-sealable bags. The whole idea of re-sealable bags was more for convenience more than anything else. Tidbit packaging pioneered the idea for consumers to re-seal their tidbit bags so that they can continue with the contents later.

The technology used with re-sealable tidbit bags was then improved upon so that they became a tool by themselves and not as part of the bag. These were re-sealable bag ties.

Re-sealable bag ties can be used on nearly all kinds of bags, so no matter if the bag is re-sealable or not, you can now reseal the bag using re-sealable bag ties. Bag ties are secure, easy to use and best of all, are themselves reusable.

It is unthinkable that an innovation as simple and as obvious as a re-sealable bag tie had gone unnoticed for so long, and more amazingly, the tremendous impact it has on our lives. Today, supermarkets around the world use bag ties for all their groceries, many families have taken to using bag ties in their homes as a convenience tool.

Food contents remain in their original packaging; sealed and resealed through the use of a simple tie. The original packaging is not wasted, and neither is a new bag used for keeping the remaining contents.

Although the amount of plastic bags the world uses continue to increase every year, the rate of increase have slowly significantly due to the use of re-sealable bag ties. Do you bit for the environment today, reuse your plastic bags and original packaging. michael kors bags brown

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