Sony PS4 to Focus on 3D

Ever since the PS4 was rumored in the market, there were many kinds of speculation regarding its design, looks as well as its capabilities. But, one of the biggest things in the PS4 was predicted to be presence of some amazing 3D capabilities.

Well, Sony isn’t really going to let out a single word about PS4 for quite sometime for sure, but off-late they’re were seen busy showcasing some fantabulous 3D game demos, which were nowhere even close to the best games even seen before.

Till date none of the gaming consoles have been able to harness the 3D capabilities to a good extent, and more interestingly, even Sony has not promised anything about the PS3 being able to play these 3D games in future either.

But, the experts are predicting that the Sony PS3 might receive some firmware updates pretty soon, which might allow the PS3 to allow the gamers to enjoy 3D games without really spending something substantial out of their pockets.

And, quite obviously, if the PS3 jumps into the 3D world after a magical firmware update, then the PS4 will definitely come with some unparalleled 3D capabilities for sure.

However, since Sony hasn’t even confirmed anything officially even about the firmware update for the PS3 yet, things are pretty fishy. Some of the hardcore PlayStation fans are speculating 3D integration in PS3 with a firmware upgrade to be Sony’s trump card to re-enter the battle of supremacy in the gaming arena. Currently, the PS3 is almost down and out in comparison to its rivals X-Box 360 and Wii, but Sony looks to be preparing for something very promising.

In any case, Sony’s demo on those cool 3D games has made it pretty clear that they’ll surely let the gamers enjoy the same, though it might take sometime after all.

Hence, as of now, it is most likely that the PS4 would feature some of the amazing 3D gaming capabilities, but you may not really need to wait for the launch of the PS4, to enjoy these fascinating 3D games (most like PS3 will get firmware updates at some point of time).  Yugioh trading cards

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