The Advantages of 2 Shot Molding

The two shot molding process provides manufacturers with the ability to combine a hard plastic and soft touch material in a single product. This allows manufacturers to achieve a finished product with excellent mechanical properties. For example, a load-bearing structural component can be molded in one step and then a more appealing soft material can be injected over it in the second step. This is ideal for products that need to be strong and durable while also being soft and attractive to the user.

The first injection of the product is molded using the same methods as conventional injection molding. The injection mold then rotates to align the sprue of the first material with the sprue of the second material. Once the product has cooled, the second injection is made. The rotation of the injection mold eliminates any chance of misalignment between the different materials and also helps ensure that thermal effects such as expansion do not affect the final product.

Whether you’re working with a hard plastic and soft rubber or a thermoplastic and high consistency rubber (HCR), 2 shot molding can be used to produce innovative parts. This is because the process allows for more complex designs to be molded without the need for additional processes to join the components together, such as welding or bonding.

This makes the process more cost effective for large production runs because it reduces the number of machines required and reduces labor costs. Furthermore, the elimination of extra processes also improves manufacturing time. This can be especially beneficial for companies that need to meet tight delivery schedules.

As with any other injection molding method, 2 shot injection molding can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries. However, it’s particularly useful for automotive interiors, medical devices and tools. It is even possible to incorporate a range of colors into the finished product.

Aside from the obvious advantages of reducing assembly and labor costs, there are many other benefits to this manufacturing process. For example, the fact that the product can be molded in a single cycle means it is much more efficient than other methods such as insert or overmolding.

The 2 shot injection molding process is also highly accurate and produces great mechanical properties. As the product is not removed from the mold in between steps and as long as the design takes into account any possible thermal effects, it can be manufactured with an accuracy that’s better than conventional machining and assembly processes, and is often comparable to more advanced methods such as insert or overmolding.

In addition, the LSR two shot fabrication process is a closed system, which minimizes the chances of contamination between the different materials. This makes it an exceptionally safe and clean process. Consequently, this is a preferred manufacturing process for sensitive products, such as medical and aerospace equipment. It is also highly efficient for medical device and tool manufacturers that require a mix of different materials, such as silicone and thermoplastics or hard nylon and soft touch materials.

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