The Benefits of a Solid Conservatory Roof

If you have a conservatory that is rarely used, it may be worth considering a replacement roof. Adding a solid conservatory roof can make the room feel more like an extension of your home. Solid roofs have a more modern look and come in a range of colours and styles so you can choose what best suits your property. Some people worry that a solid roof won’t allow enough natural light, but this is a myth as there are ways to ensure you get as much sunlight as possible.

One of the best options is to have a glazed panel or Velux window added into your solid conservatory roof. This will not only add natural light but also help with insulation. This will keep the conservatory warm in the winter and cool in the summer making it a space you can use throughout the year.

Another way to add light is to have a pelmet added into the frame of your solid conservatory roof. This will be fully insulated and can be used for lighting or as part of the decoration of your conservatory. It is a great place to hide any guttering or cladding that might be visible and it will create a nice finish.

If you want to create a more traditional appearance for your conservatory consider having slate tiles installed on the roof. This will give the conservatory a classic look and can even be made to mimic your existing house roof if you have it in a matching colour. Alternatively, synthetic slate tiles are available which are not only cheaper than real slate but are also very close in appearance.

It is important to remember that when you replace a conservatory roof with a solid one, the entire structure of the conservatory will need strengthening. It is worth finding a local installer that has worked with building control departments to develop designs for this and look out for LABC Registered Detail certification and BBA accreditation.

Having a solid conservatory roof will improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory, keeping it at a constant temperature and helping to reduce energy bills. This is a big benefit as it will save money over time and will also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Many people find their existing conservatory too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, this makes the space unusable for most of the year. A solid conservatory roof will solve this problem and turn it into a room that can be enjoyed all year round.

If you would like more information about replacing your conservatory roof with a new tiled solid conservatory roof, then please contact us here. We will be able to provide you with details of local installers who can help you make your dream conservatory a reality. We can also offer you a free quotation so you can compare prices and see what is the best option for you.

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