The Best Places For Runner Rugs

The term runner rug refers to carpets that are long and narrow. They are suited for covering hallway floors, stairways and other small areas in the home. Runner rugs are very versatile and add color, warmth and comfort to the space they cover. They also add a dash of elegance to the decor.

Hallways and foyers are the best places for a runner rug because they are transitional spaces that get seen the most. This makes them the perfect place for a runner that is designed to impress guests and visitors when they enter the home. A runner rug can make the area more comfortable to walk into and can help reduce the chances of someone slipping on the hard floor surface.

The kitchen is another good area for a runner rug because it can provide a soft surface to stand on while cooking or cleaning. It can also tie the kitchen together and create a more open feel. A runner rug in the kitchen can also protect hardwood or tile floors from water and hot pans.

Besides hallways, foyers and the kitchen, runners can be placed in other areas of the house as well. For example, they can be positioned at the front door to give the guests a warm and welcoming feeling as soon as they come into the house. They can also be placed in bedrooms to add a touch of luxury to the room. They can also be laid down in the bathroom to keep the feet toasty and add a sense of elegance to the decor.

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