The best portable pump is one that’s small enough to travel with but powerful enough to keep you pumped at work or while out running errands. We consulted Good Housekeeping Institute parenting and breastfeeding experts to review all types of manual pumps, including hands-free options that you wear in your bra, as well as electric options that plug into a power outlet or USB ports. They all offer different features like levels of suction, massage and expressing modes, a timer, and even a child lock button to prevent your littles from accidentally changing your settings.

Our top pick for a portable pump is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. It’s a great addition to your daily pumping routine or a stand-alone option to have on hand for overnight trips, date nights, or longer periods away from baby. The small, lightweight design makes it easy to pack and a breeze to clean, but the single-sided operation means it will take longer to express milk than other models in this article.

Another favorite is the Elvie Smart Pump, which features a built-in nightlight and a timer for pumping sessions. It senses letdown and automatically adjusts speed, intensity, and rhythm to maximize milk production. It also pairs with an app that tracks your pumping sessions and saves your preferred preferences so you don’t have to worry about remembering them.

This single-user model has a high level of suction and is compatible with Medela parts (with the right adapter), Spectra, Freemie, and LM collection cups. Just be aware that the food-grade silicone flanges and tubing need to be replaced regularly—the duck valve membranes every two months, the backflow protector diaphragms every three to six months, and the breast shields every six to eight months.

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