The Career of Voice Over Artists

From a soft, intimate delivery of romantic drama to the larger-than-life presence of an action-packed sequence, the voice of a professional VO artist brings visual projects to life. Many have a long list of accomplishments to their names, and their work is often heard in every household. Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, and Tina Fey are just some of the famous voice actors who have become known to audiences across the globe.

A variety of voices are in demand, from voice over announcers (such as newscasts, award shows and talk shows) to narrators, e-learning, explainer videos, video games and commercials. Some are even able to provide audiobook narration, puppet shows and foreign language dubbing.

As more and more people begin to seek a more flexible lifestyle, the career of voice over artists has become increasingly popular. Whether lured by the promise of flexible work-from-home schedules or the allure of voicing characters on a Disney-Pixar film, aspiring performers are flocking to this lucrative industry in record numbers.

The ability to access high-quality recording, editing and transmission software on personal computers means that most voice actors can audition and complete jobs from their own home studios. In addition, advancements in phone and mobile technology have made it easier than ever to provide a high-quality, professionally edited voice over. Unlike the tight-knit communities and energetic studio sessions that characterized the pre-internet industry, today’s voiceover actors can find work from all over the world and at any time of day. voiceover artists

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