You’ve probably seen it before—a little V-shaped detail stitched in at the neck of your favorite sweatshirt. This little piece of fabric is known by a few different names: the V-insert, the V-stitch, and, most often, the Dorito (because, well, it’s kind of like a Dorito in that it’s a strangely specific feature on a sweatshirt that’s otherwise pretty straightforward). The V-insert serves two primary purposes: First, it helps you easily get your head through the crew neck of the sweatshirt. The ribbed material of the V-insert stretches to accommodate your head, while still maintaining the shirt’s shape. Second, it also absorbs sweat, especially around the chest, which is a major point of perspiration for many people when wearing a crew neck sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts were originally designed to keep athletes warm during outdoor activities, but they’ve become a popular wardrobe staple for all sorts of activities. Over time, they’ve evolved into a wide variety of styles and materials, which gives them a great deal of flexibility for use and style.

If you want to explore the potential of custom sweatshirts for your closet, Stitch is a good place to start. The service offers a personal stylist that will help you create a personalized fashion profile based on your clothing preferences. Then, they’ll ship you a box with apparel and accessories that match your style. You can try on the clothes, provide feedback and return items that don’t work for you. Stitch sweatshirt

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